Origin of the group

In Irish the word dordán can mean to buzz, hum or murmur. This was the name chosen by a male voice choir formed in Waterford about four years ago, with the membership drawn from diverse backgrounds but brought together by a genuine love of music! The choir’s repertoire is both wide and varied, an eclectic mix, from across a range of musical genres which includes Gregorian chant, through to the different aspects of folk, pop and have even sung folk ditties emanating from the Congo! Included in that repertoire are choral works composed by our musical director Damien Kehoe.

Damien, who’s enthusiasm is both infectious and inspirational is the jell that keeps us all in tune!! As our days of sex drugs and rock and roll are long over (some of us are older than Mick Jagger!!) and as our photographs show, our age profile is more suitable to rocking chair activities...one would hope, that our audio impact is greater than our visual impact!!

The choir has performed extensively both home and abroad in such places as Normandy in France and Fabriano in Italy, where some of Damien’s choral work has been performed by local choirs there. You could say we take our music seriously but not ourselves and approach each performance with that in mind.